Thermo Auricular

Thermo Auricular Therapy

This therapy uses Hopi Candles which originally come from the Native American tribe which means peaceful people.

The candles are hollow tubes made from organic linen impregnated with beeswax, honey, St John's Wort and medicinal herbs such as sage and chamomile.  They have a specially developed safety filter, to ensure simple and safe application, towards the bottom which prevents any liquid wax or candle residue from entering the ear. 

Thermo Auricular therapy

You will lie on the couch with your head comfortably to one side and the lighted candle will be placed in the entrance to the outer auditory canal.  The candle works on a chimney principle, drawing many impurities to the surface.  They also equalise the pressure in the head and ears and the healing vapour can protect and soothe irritation, stimulate the lymph glands and so the immune system.  As the candle burns you may experience sense of warmth and comfort, as well as the sounds of a crackling log fire or the sound of rain splashing against a pane.  The candle is extinguished before it reaches the therapists hands and so a long time before it could reach your head.  After repeating on the other ear, you will receive a facial massage concentrating on the sinuses and lymphatic areas.

Thermo-Auricular Therapy can help with the following ailments:

Build up of ear waxColds and flu
Sore throatOtis Media
Irritation in the earAsthma
Glue earStress relief
Candida and fungal infections of the earRelief of pressure before flying or driving

Peace and Relaxation

Although each candle only takes about 10 minutes to burn down, the whole session will probably last at least 45 minutes and will be very relaxing. It is normal to book a set of three, once-weekly treatments in order to experience the full benefits of the therapy.