Are you in Pain or Discomfort?

If the answer to that question is YES, then have you tried the EMMETT Technique?  It was brought about by a very gifted man by the name of Ross Emmett, from Australia, about 40 years ago.  This technique first started on dogs and horses and then was later used on humans.

This technique is about resetting the muscle by using light finger pressure on the EMMETT points. The results are quite impressive.  What can the EMMETT Technique can help with?  Where there is a muscle, EMMETT can help!

Recently I have helped a client who had a fractured arm and wasn’t able to move her arm for the past 6 months which resulted, in her not being able to wash or comb her hair, or even doing the simplest of things such as opening a cupboard. After applying a few simple EMMETT moves, she was over the moon!   She became emotional when she was able to move her arm, shoulder and neck since they had stiffened up over the past few months. She said that she had waited so long for this moment as not being able to use her arm, was getting her down.  A very happy customer!

A recent study showed that after having an EMMETT treatment, the pain reduced considerably.

Have you booked your EMMETT Technique session yet?

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